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    SOFA THÔNG MỊNH -2022-01

  • Giá: 3.500.000 đ
  • Lượt xem: 1082
  • 2 lift coffee table by BDI makes it feel like you're working in paradise. The unique design allows you to work comfortably and supportively from the comfort of your living room sofa! To extend the top, simply grab the contoured finger grips on the edge of the porcelain material to transform it from a coffee table to a practical workstation. The porcelain surface is smooth for writing and working efficiently. For added appeal, there is hidden storage underneath the top to provide plenty of room for your essential belongings. The levelers on the legs are another convenient element. Designed by the one-of-a-kind Matthew Weatherly, the Cloud 9 1182 lift coffee table is easily customized. The top comes in various porcelain finishes. The steel base is very durable, and the smooth pneumatic lift is very convenient.

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